About the album artwork: “The first album cover is from the Topeka State Capitol and is the mural that is painted inside on the wall by John Steuart Curry of John Brown. I remember seeing that when I was 15 or 16 years old, when I went to the Capitol, and thinking, “If I ever get a chance to make a record, then that is going to be the album cover.” Little did I know that seven years later, CBS would be contacting the Topeka Capital Building to license the image for our album cover. It was a heck of a cover. The band was named Kansas, and that kind of said it all. We started with a good cover, and, for the most part, our covers have always been good. We didn’t have our logo yet. If you look at the first album, it just has little cutout letters and it is the worst artwork known to man, other than the John Brown painting. We had no input other than the cover of the John Brown painting; at least we got that!”