Point of Know Return

About the album artwork: “We went back to Peter Lloyd for this one. It is the most iconic cover for Kansas; in fact, it is one of the most iconic for anybody. He really stylized our logo and put the dragons on the side. We gave him some ideas as “Point of Know Return” was the name of the song. Kerry and I had knocked around the idea of something going over the edge of something. We wanted to show something that had passed the point of no return. We gave him the parameters, but when he submitted that, we were stunned, as it was unbelievable. When you turn it over, you’ve got all of the artwork on the back. We had the drawings of each guy on the inside. Rich goes, “Is that supposed to be me? That doesn’t look like me.” It was funny.
“The inside was also done well. A gentleman named Tom Drennon did that. He was our art director. How many bands have there own art director? I didn’t even know we had one until then! Tom became a good friend. He was responsible for the rest of the art. If you open it up and look at the calligraphy and the sexton and all of that ship stuff, that is what he came up with. He worked with us on the next several albums and on our tour programs. He was responsible for a lot of the artwork.
“Point of Know Return” was the first time we had our own label design. If you took the album out and looked at the label, the label matched the album cover design. We just hated that little multi-colored and white label that was the Kirshner label. When we went into negotiate the album cover I told our manager Budd Carr, “See if you can get our own label. We have such cool artwork and then you take it out and see that thing.” Budd said, “I don’t think so. Only Pink Floyd and Barbara Streisand have their own label.” Sure enough, we got it. Budd was also the one who came up with the idea of calling it Point of Know Return, instead of Point of No Return.”